ANGER…Why Does It Piss Me Off So Much? Part 1

Anger is the emotion I feel the most. I wish this wasn’t so, but it is the truth. Why am I so angry? What can I do to combat it?  This is a problem that ruins relationships. What can I do to keep from being angry about things I cannot do anything about? Here is a prime example…

WARNING! You are about to enter a very specialized gripe I have, about something I cannot change. IT JUST PISSES ME OFF.

Ocean Liners, RMS Queen Mary and RMS Queen Elizabeth

One of the silly things that makes me angry is the realization that a specific dream I have will never come to be. I have always wanted to take a voyage on a real ocean liner. I love maritime history and I love those beautiful purpose-built ships from a time when there was only one way to cross the Atlantic. Names like SS United States, RMS Queen Mary, SS Ile de France and SS Andrea Doriabring images to my mind of grand ocean ladies who were built tough to battle the ferocious and often unpredictable waters of the North Atlantic. They carried vacationers and immigrants.  They helped to shape America into the ethnic melting pot that it is.

Ocean Liner: SS United States

I could continue with a lesson in why ocean liners and passenger ships in general are important, but I doubt anyone really cares enough. What makes me so angry is that I will never be able to experience this. The era of ocean liners has come to an end, thanks to the popularity of air travel. The fastest ocean liner ever built, the SS United States (which still exists as a gutted, rusty shell in Philadelphia to this day, and hopefully will be re-purposed thanks to the SS United States Conservancy and their supporters) was retired in 1969 because of the popularity of the airlines.

Ocean Liner: RMS Queen Mary

The classic ocean liners that are left belong to premium cruise lines that do not cater to the American tourists or are just too expensive for the likes of us. Due to costs, I have had to wait and wait and wait. While having to wait to finally have the money for this dream vacation, there are no ships left worthy of sailing on in my opinion. They have all gone to the scrap yards because of updated SOLAS (Safety Of Life At Sea, founded because of Titanic) regulations. One by one these ships are ran up onto the beach in Alang, India where grimy men with blowtorches cut apart the ships bit by bit for scrap metal, until nothing is left. The ships I had dreamed of sailing on are now cans of peas and razor blades in your local supermarket.

Cruise Ship and Ugly Box: Carnival Triumph

What does this leave me to do if I want to take a cruise? I must now choose to be a passenger aboard an ugly white box on the water, covered with balconies, that is essentially a casino at sea. I’m sure I could have a great deal of fun on a typical ‘Carnival type’ cruise, but I’m not interested in a cruise for the activities, the sun, the ports or the casino games. I don’t care about the night clubs or shuffleboard. I am interested in the ship itself, and no modern cruise ship with it’s ‘made in China’ ugly neon carpets, stainless steel everything, complete lack of wood or elegance, neon lighting everywhere floating resorts can live up to my expectations. If I want a Vegas resort experience, I’ll go visit a resort in Vegas for a fraction of the cost of a cruise.

Ugly Box Cruise Ship: Freedom of the Seas

Today’s cruise market is really just geared toward the Brits and Europeans. Only 17% or so of all living Americans has ever been on a cruise. This is because the cost of getting to a port town from a landlocked state can cost just as much as the cruise itself. A plane ticket from Chattanooga to say, Miami…about $400. To New York? Long Beach? Seattle? Even more. That will already double the price of the vacation.

VERY EXPENSIVE Ocean Liner: Queen Mary 2

I’m really just pissed off that I feel nearly cheated out of the opportunity because of my age.  I think so often that I should have been a boomer. There’s nothing I can do about it, but the opportunity has been missed because of money and my age. At times I think I should just give up my love of the classic liners because that age is gone. Also, CUNARD, and others I have heard talking out there…not all passenger ships are ocean liners. YOUR SHIPS ARE NOT OCEAN LINERS (aside from the overly expensive Queen Mary 2). THEY ARE CRUISE SHIPS. THERE IS A DIFFERENCE, THANK YOU.

Ugly Box Cruise Ship: Norwegian Epic

Now I’ve brought that absolutely silly gripe out in the open, and we can all see how I can go on and on about things I cannot change. This is the first in a series about my anger toward things I cannot change. This one is probably the most trivial.


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